Welcome to Coffee House Tarot...

Coffee House Tarot brings Tarot readings to you, in the Milwaukee coffee houses and pubs where you eat and drink and meet with friends...It is my goal to bring the Tarot to you, in the lively places near where you live and work. 

In addition to the coffee houses and pubs which host my readings, I also offer Tarot parties, which bring the Tarot's fascinating insights right into your living room for you and your friends to enjoy!

But what if it's bad news? I get this question a lot. In answer, tarot readings can be helpful in difficult times as well as good times...

My Tarot readings can help you to reimagine your path and can also offer you new perspective on your life in the present. Remember that part of my role in reading your cards is to help you to be *inventive* about your future and the possibilities that lay before you.

I also specialize in couples Tarot readings, in which I offer a thorough and provocative look at how to live as individuals as well as how to shape your time together in meaningful ways.

To find out more about me and the Tarot readings I offer, feel free to explore this website or to contact me at coffeehousetarot@gmail.com.

Check out my schedule to discover which coffee house or pub is hosting me throughout this week, and feel free to contact me to make an appointment for a specific time if you like.

**Note also that a Tarot Reading is not intended as professional financial advice, medical advice, or mental health advice, and if this is what you are seeking, you should contact the professional who can offer expert advice on these particular topics.**